Deemo II is now available for Pre-registration

Demo II was announced in December last year by the developer JetGen. There was no specific information on the platforms decided for the game. However, Gematsu reported that the game has now been made available. Deemo II is now available for pre-registration on Android devices.

Concept Video of Demo II

Along with the announcements of the game being available for pre-registration, a concept video has also been launched by Rayark Games.

The description of the video states:

“”When music plays, the sun shall stay.””

In the endless pouring rain, the two of them search the fantasy kingdom for a hope that will save the world.


This tells us about the story of the game. A young girl meets up with the Deemo and both of them are looking for a “fantasy kingdom” which might be able to save the world. Rain stops poring when the melody is played. This makes it clear that the game will be based on some kind of rhythm.

Thus, we know that the game will be based on this story. Also, the game may not be much different from the original Deemo which was a rhythm-action game. Deemo was focused on Piano music. You can still play the original Deemo on both iOS and Android:

Deemo II is now available for pre-registration on Android devices. Currently, there is no information on iOS devices. We will make sure to update when there is any information as soon as possible. Pre-register now:

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