Catalyst Black: A new Team-Based Shooter from Super Evil Megacorp

Coming from the developers of Vainglory, Catalyst Black is a brand new team-based shooter that has been announced. Super Evil Megacorp, has announced that Catalyst Black will be a Team-Based shooter and may be available to play by the end of the year. The game will be available on PC, gaming consoles, Android, and iOS devices.

If you are a fan of MOBA, you must have played or heard about Vainglory. It has been developed by Super Evil Megacorp who has just announced a new game called Catalyst Black.

About the release of Catalyst Black

The developer team of Super Evil Megacorp has announced the game. They also mentioned that they have been working on this project earlier known as “Project Spellfire“. Now, it has been revealed that the game will be called “Catalyst Black” and will be a “Battleground-Shooter”. The game will probably be a top-down shooter as the Live Design Director said:

“Our aspiration here has been to take top-down shooters to the next level, much like Halo did with first-person shooters on console.” – Kevin Michael ‘Cloaken’ Johnson, Live Design Director.

About Catalyst Black

As defined by the developers, Catalyst Black will be a Battle-Royale shooter game. But when combined with all the other features of the game, Catalyst Black may be something very new to the world. The game is going to feature various massive size maps, where the players can drop anywhere and play against various NPCs as well as other players. Thus the game will be a PvEvP game. The game can support up to 20 players in a team who fight together in the battle.

Catalyst Black

Customization of Characters

This game will allow the players to choose the gear that suits them the best. The game will not be focused on character abilities like vainglory. The players will have access to primary weapons, secondary weapons, and active as well as passive ability. The players can choose these according to the play style that suits them the best. Apart from this, the game will also include a feature that can convert the character of a player into a primal God.

Thus, we speculate that the game is bringing a lot within it. Along with the customizable gears, the feature of Primal Gods, as well as allowing the players to battle against other players, NPCs as well as the boss, Catalyst Black can prove to be a promising game.

P.s- There is no official announcement of the release date of the game. However, the developers have said that the community might be able to access and play this game by the end of this year.

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