Brawl Stars Guide on Shelly and Nita: Rank up faster

This Brawl Stars Guide will focus on Shelly and Nita. We will also have a look at which is the perfect situation to use them. This guide will be focusing on their strengths and weaknesses. They are the Trophy Road [Power 10] Brawlers and this guide can help you to use Shelly and Nita effectively in Brawl Stars.

Shelly – The Shotgunner

The first brawler you get when playing Brawl Stars is Shelly. Shelly is a balanced brawler who can blast tanks in the face. Shelly’s main and super attacks are powerful shotgun blasts. Her gadget allows her to dash forward to cover up some distance in an instant which patches Shelly’s weakness by a bit.

Shelly’s Strength

Shelly is particularly strong against tanks as she is more useful in close-range combat. However, she can also poke at enemies from mid-range which does significantly less damage. Therefore, Shelly performs better with maps which has more walls so that she can dodge other brawler’s attacks and get closer to the enemy. Maps with bushes can also work perfectly fine with Shelly. This is because she can hide in the bushes and flank the opponents or launch an ambush by herself.

Shelly’s Weakness

On the other hand, Shelly’s biggest weakness is anyone from the sharpshooter category. Sharpshooters can shoot from a distance and keep Shelly away, therefore Shelly cannot shoot the opposing Brawlers and takes damage. Shelly struggles in maps with lesser walls and bushes because she cannot juke or get to the enemy as easily in maps with more walls and bushes.

Suggested Game Modes for using Shelly

Brawl Ball – Shelly usually does well in Brawl Ball because most maps are tank friendly and Shelly is a direct counter to tanks. Furthermore, Shelly can use her super to break walls to clear the path for the ball and damage the enemy behind the wall at the same time. You can also shoot the ball while using her super to break walls and score an easy goal.

Showdown – Showdown maps are usually cramped pack with walls and bushes everywhere. The most frequent brawlers you’ll see in Showdown include Darryl and Bull which Shelly can counter easily. Shelly needs 3 main attacks (hit all the pellets) to charge up her super and once she does, Shelly is a threat to any brawler in close range.


The second brawler that players receive from the trophy road is Nita. Nita is also a well-balanced brawler [except for her gadget]. Nita’s main attack is medium ranged and her super spawns a bear called Bruce. Nita’s gadget stuns anyone around Bruce allowing Bruce to catch up and deal with massive damage with her star power “Hyper Bear”.

Nita’s strengths

Nita is strong against throwers when she has her bear and a handful of sharpshooters to soak up the damage. Nita is a mid-range brawler and thus some skills in dodging shots are needed while playing her. Nita’s best attribute is to be able to peek a tiny bit around obstacles and shoot instantly. This skill is absolutely necessary to master if you want Nita to reach higher ranges of trophies. [750+]. Therefore, Nita performs better in maps with more obstacles.

Nita’s Weakness

Nita’s biggest counters are tanks such as Franks and Primos. The “Tank” category has the fastest speed after the “Assassin” category. Moreover, Nita’s attacks do not deal much damage, so Tanks can just run up to Nita and pummel her. It is absolutely necessary for players using Nita to use the walls provided wisely and carefully.

Suggested Game Modes for using Nita

Gem Grab – Nita is a decent brawler in Gem Grab because Nita can peek her tiny head around a wall and shoot. You can deal damage to the other brawlers while they cannot hit Nita, which results in Nita pushing back the opponent and winning her lane. Her super allows you to scare away the throwers like Dynamike, Tick and also helps to gain control.

Brawl Ball – Nita is an exceptional Brawler in Brawl Ball. This is because, like Gem Grab, Nita can win her lane easily with her attribute. Moreover, once the enemy is grouped up in a spot, Nita can spawn Bruce and stun the enemies, allowing Bruce to kill at least 1 brawler with “Hyper Bear”. Also, Nita’s second star-power “Bear With Me” allows Bruce to be a tank which allows Nita to use him as a shield. This strategy allows Nita to force the enemies to group up together and gain control all by herself. Therefore, Nita is exceptionally great at Brawl Ball.


Shelly is a great brawler in Showdown and Brawl Ball. You can use her to poke enemies with her range to get her Super. And once you do, you are a threat to everyone on the map.

Nita is a great brawler in Gem Grab and Brawl Ball. You can use her to peek around the wall and shoot while also managing to get back behind the wall. You can do this over and over again to win your lane and gain control. Nita with her super is a threat to the entire team.

Both brawlers are aiming friendly as they are the first few brawlers you get.(Auto-aim)

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