Brawl Stars Guide On Bull and Colt – Rank Up Faster

This is the second guide in the Braw Stars Trophy Road series. The first was on Shelly and Nita. This Brawl Stars guide will focus on Bull and Colt. We will be going through each of the brawler’s strengths and weaknesses. We will also look at the perfect situation on when to use them. This guide will help you to use Bull and Colt effectively in Brawl Stars.

Bull – The Short Range Blaster

The first tank that players usually get is Bull, the King of close-range fights. With Bull, you need a diverse set of skills to master. Bull’s main attack is a shotgun shot that travels in a very short range and inflicts an extremely high amount of damage. His super helps him to travel a long-range and knocks back to the enemy brawler if it lands.

Bull’s Strenghts

All tanks, like Bull, are strong against long-range brawlers. Bull is also strong against brawlers that deal with little damage like are Mortis, Nita, Jessie, Penny. Bull is weak against brawlers like Shelly or Rico because these brawlers can wipe him away with their supers.

However, to master a tank, you must learn to juke enemies effectively and also about when to attack or get behind cover. The maps in Brawl Stars are strategically made so that both Sharpshooters and Tanks can thrive in different parts of the map.

One of the best examples is “Triple Dribble”. There are enough walls and enough space for both Tanks and Sharpshooters like Colt and Rico to thrive in. Therefore, juking the enemy is a big aspect of mastering a tank. The skill of getting closer to the enemy without getting much damage needs to be mastered. Bull usually thrives in grassy areas because he can 3 shot most brawlers if his shots do the maximum damage.

Bull’s Weaknesses

Contradictory to what I mentioned, Sharpshooters are also Bull’s most fatal counters, apart from the brawlers like Shelly or Darryl. If a tank does not know how to juke properly, the player can get sniped down immediately from the likes of Colt and Rico. Brawlers that provide a lot of control with range are also a tank’s counters, like Spike, EMZ, and Barley.

Here are some methods I came up with to deal with Bull’s counters, if there is a Colt or Rico, move in a zigzag way. Dodge the bullets as much as possible. Once you get close enough to them, you can apply pressure. If you’re on the verge of death but in a valuable position, use your gadget “T-Bone” to heal up and continue applying pressure.
To counter an EMZ or a Spike, juke them so that they run out of ammo. As soon as this happens, rush them and kill them as soon as possible. If the attempt fails, fall back and heal. Try this method again.
For throwers like Barley, stay patient. Yo should juke them as much as possible. The closer you get as a Bull, the more the enemies panic. This results in the enemies missing their shots. When you get close enough, rush the enemies and kill them.

Suggested Game Modes For Bull

Bull as a brawler is extremely map specific on all of the game modes except Heist.

Bull is a specialist on Heist due to his massive pool of hit points and the damage he does to the safe. When playing Bull in Heist, use his Star Power “Berserker” to reload faster and deal more damage. Also, you should try to juke as many attacks as possible when you are near the enemy’s safe. It helps to apply pressure and also frustrates the enemy. With Bull, you should attack more and defend less. This is because some brawlers can maintain their distance and deal damage to the safe, rendering Bull useless.

Colt – Too Pretty For Pain

Colt is probably the first Sharpshooter that anybody gets in Brawl Stars. In the early stages of the game, players don’t usually know how to dodge, thus the auto-aim usually works fine. However, as you climb the ladder, you find Colt much harder to use. However, there are ways in which Colt can be very effective.

Colt deals with a tremendous amount of damage. His main attack shoots bullets at his enemies in a straight line, and his super shoots double the number of bullets which in-turn doubles the damage. Moreover, you can hit more than one brawler with his super.

Colt’s Strength

All Sharpshooters are strong against Tanks if they are used properly. But if you do not master it, the tanks can easily juke your shots while getting closer to you and demolish you.

While playing Colt, you should maintain your distance from the enemies and target the tanks first in order to charge up your super. If the tank moves around too much, aim in one direction and when the brawler is about to reach the destination you’re aiming at, fire. You will most likely hit half of your shots and deal a tremendous amount of damage. If a tank gets too close to you, use your gadget to reload 2 magazines instantly and then auto-aim. This is because the tanks are likely to move straight forward when they get close enough.

Both of Colt’s star powers are extraordinary. One being “Slick Boots” which gives your extra speed, and the other being “Magnum Special” which increases your range to that of a Piper. Understanding Colt’s star powers are also key to mastering him.

Slick Boots” allows you to catch up with the enemy when you miss a shot. Therefore, “Slick Boots” are better for players who tend to miss their shots more often.

Magnum Special” increases your range and is only useful if you can hit most of your shots. So if your accuracy is good with Colt, make sure to use “Magnum Special” so that the enemies cannot escape your wrath.

Colt’s Weaknesses

Accuracy is essential to Colt, so anything that indirectly affects his accuracy is a counter to him. The fast-moving targets or brawlers capable of dealing high damage from a far range are the best examples.

Some of the biggest threats to Colt are Mortis, BiBi [both with and without their star power], Mortis, Max, Piper, and Bea. These are some of the counters to Colt. Thus, whenever you meet a Mortis or a BiBi, it’s better to let your teammates handle these brawlers because they are extremely hard to hit as Colt.

The way to cope up with these brawlers are summed up below:
1. Aim at one spot if an enemy is juking too much.
2. Use Colt’s gadget only if it’s worthwhile. It means to use it when you can kill the enemy and survive and not just to lower the enemy’s health and die.
3. Know which Star Power suits you best(Slick Boots or Magnum Special)

Suggested Game Modes for Colt

Colt is a very versatile brawler and can be used in most scenarios, however, there are some rules that apply when maps are concerned.

Colt is best in an open map so that Brawlers cannot sneak up on him and demolish him. Secondly, Colt needs to be able to break the enemy’s walls easily. It should not require 3 or more supers to do so. However, the best game mode for Colt is probably Brawl Ball, but that depends on how the player uses Colt.


Both Bull and Colt look may look like easy-to-use brawlers. However, the deeper you look into it, the more you will find yourself thinking that these are extremely sophisticated brawlers. Bull and Colt are basically the opposite of each other, the only similarity being that they both deal with tremendous damage.

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