Brawl Stars current Meta: How to dominate every game

Brawl Stars has recently been gaining a lot of attention from the e-sports scene. With tournaments happening so often, players all around the globe are eager to participate and win. To win any game, knowing the META is important. Let us have a look at the current Brawl Stars Meta which will help you to win every game.

Brawl Stars current Meta

In brawl stars, for a very long time, the meta has been about tanks and legendaries. But due to the recent balance changes, the tanks and legendaries popularity has dropped down quite a bit.

Despite it being globally released for a year and having only 38 characters to choose from, the game is constantly evolving. Different balance changes bring in a different meta of brawlers to pick from. Today, let us look at the current meta and discuss it. Please keep in mind that the list is NOT IN ORDER.

1. BiBi – The Batter

The most surprising brawler to reach this list is indeed BiBi. BiBi is an Asian brawler with a baseball bat as her main weapon. When her first swing charges up, it knocks the enemy brawler away

BiBi’s bubble gum is her super ability. This can go anywhere after bouncing for 5 seconds. Her star powers drastically improve her performance which helps the brawler to tank more shots. This also lets BiBi run much faster, definitely overcoming the weakness of her range.

BiBi has the ability to knock back players with her first attack. This makes her effective against tanks if used correctly. She is not only strong against tanks but also against throwers. Her speed helps her to dodge many shots and this can be mastered to use against the enemies. BiBi’s main counters are sharpshooters, mostly Colt.

2. EMZ – The Influencer

EMZ is a Zombie and has easily been one of the most dominant brawlers since she was released.

EMZ’s long-range attacks help a player to keep brawlers away. This allows any player to keep control of the map. Her attack is so spread out that she can easily kill the opponent’s entire team if used correctly. This needs to be mastered.

Her super ability creates a massive circle around her which damages the enemy alongside slowing them. This can also be used to gain control over the entire map.

Although in the previous update, EMZ was much weaker because her attacks dealt less damage up close. Therefore, everything that tanks had to do was use walls to get close to the EMZ and kill her. But now, with her gadget being added to the arsenal it helps to cover up that weakness. Her gadget pushes the enemies away if they get too close, allowing EMZ to finish the enemy from a distance. Moreover, she’s a trophy road brawler which you can get at a measly 8,000 trophies. The best counter towards EMZ is sharpshooter or throwers.

3. Jacky – The Jackhammer

Jacky is a new addition to the Brawlverse, and new brawlers being overpowered is nothing new to the Brawl Stars community. However, even after balance changes, Jacky still remains as one of the top brawlers.

Jacky’s main attack is the shockwave after her jackhammer hits the ground with a massive force. This attack deals a significant amount of damage around her. However, her range being short, she isn’t as dominant as some of the other brawlers in this list.

Jacky’s super ability is to gather the enemies all around her. When this super ability is used, Jacky is unable to attack and thus has a shield which has a damage reduction effect. The most effective counters towards Jacky are sharpshooters.

4. Sprout – The Carnivore

Sprout is the latest addition to the Brawlverse. He is a mythical brawler as it is a plant.

Sprout’s main attack is to throw plants at enemies which deal with a huge amount of damage. Also, if walls are used correctly, its range can also be increased by a lot.

Sprout’s super ability creates a wall of plants that acts as an extra wall. This wall cannot be crossed by friendly or non-friendly brawlers. Over time, the wall goes down and the path it was blocking will be accessible again. If this is mastered, this brawler can be used to separate the brawlers especially when the Teammates are low on health.

The most effective counters to sprout are brawlers which can get up close to sprout extremely fast, like Mortis or Max.

5. Gene – The Maniacal Genie

Gene has been overlooked for far too long, the community knew he was good but not “Top 5”. This brawler is a genie who has maniacal laughter which haunts many player’s dreams.

Gene’s main attack spreads out after a certain distance. Thus, this helps the players to hit most of his shots and has an insane range. Gene’s attack can typically deal with 1400 damage at Power 9. But with star power, you can either do 1700 damage per hit or even heal your allies by 400 HP per second.

Gene’s super ability is considered to be one of the best supers in the game. His super can pull people towards him, which can change the flow of the game. His super is the most effective in Gem Grab where he can pull the enemy gem carrier and this can help his team to either win the game or secure an epic comeback. Gene’s main counters are tanks with a massive pool of HP like a Frank or a Primo.


Brawl Stars meta will always be changing, but right now, the meta is the most diverse it has ever been, including the following brawlers: Gene, Sprout, Jacky, EMZ, and BiBi.

Top 5 current Brawlers in Brawl Stars
Top 5 current Brawlers in Brawl Stars

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