Brawl Ball: You can get banned for scoring goals against your own team

Brawl Ball is a game mode in Brawl Stars, where players have to score goals against the opposing team in order to win. It has often been noticed that some players involve in unfair activity in the game. They tend to score goals against their own team. However, Supercell has noticed this unfair practice. Now, you can get banned for scoring goals against your own team in the Brawl Ball mode of Brawl Stars.

Scoring Goals against own Team

In the Brawl Ball mode, players tend to team up with the opposite team and score goals against their own team. This is an unfair practice that disturbs the game for all the other players in the game. Players do this intentionally for leading the opposite team to victory or even just for fun. However, this practice leads to unfair gameplay. Now, the players have started receiving a message from Supercell that states:

Hi there,
you have scored a higher than acceptable number of goals against your own team in Brawl Ball. Supercell does not tolerate unsportsmanlike conduct, and continuing this behavior will result in your account being banned.

Thus, it has finally come to the notice of the developers. From now on, scoring goals against your own team can get your account banned. Thus, it is in the interest of the players to avoid this unfair practice in the game.

Save your own account

The only thing that the players can do to safeguard their accounts is to avoid this unfair practice. Thus, the players who indulge in such activities in the game should now be aware.

This new system ensures fair gameplay for everyone. Therefore, unfair practice has been taken into account and might result in a permanent account ban.

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