Black Desert Mobile Valencia Expansion: All you need to Know

Pearl Abyss‘ hit title “Black Desert Mobile” has now received the Valencia Expansion update. It is a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game that features a world that has now doubled because of the new update. This may be the biggest update that this game has ever seen. Here is everything you need to know about the Valencia Expansion in Black Desert Mobile.

Valencia Expansion

Black Desert Mobile has been updated with a new location known as Valencia. Valencia’s size is larger than 4 other locations in the game combined. Thus, the map size has almost been doubled. The Valencian empire and the Calpheon Republic have been separated by a huge desert.

This desert inhibits many foul creatures within. Now, every high-grade abyssal gear can be found in the Bashim and the Waragon territories which is accessible to every explorer. However, in order to attain these gear items, you have to fight against the monsters of the territory. All of this is worth it because Rakshan Helmet and Rakshan shoes can also be found in these locations.

Apart from continuing the story line, several new quest challenges have been added which can be explored. Also, several fixes and improvements have been brought to the game.

Black Desert Mobile: The Best MMORPG on Mobile?

If you are an MMORPG fan, you can definitely give this game a try. This may be the best MMORPG game that is available on the go. You can also manage and expand your own camp in this game. This game also features fishing, taming, and various other activities. Therefore, we can say that this game features vast content that can be explored by the players.

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