Bit Dungeon III is now available on iOS

Developed by Kinto Games, Bit Dungeon III is a rogue-lite action game. The game was already released for Android devices earlier this year. If you love playing rogue-lite dungeon games you can definitely give this game a try. Bit Dungeon III is now available on iOS devices.

About Bit Dungeon III

A rogue-lite action game that features randomly generated overworld and Dungeons. Bit Dungeon III allows you to play along with other players or to kill them for precious inventory items. You can also discover various items that greatly enhance your character in the game. Thus, there are various items that can be found and used as the game progresses.

Bit Dungeon III is now available

The main mission of the game is to save a world that cannot be saved. One of the features of the game is permadeath which means that you get only one soul and one chance to retrieve the soul if you die. Therefore, if you die again, you have to start over the mission.

Apart from this, souls are also granted upon killing the bosses in the game. There are different weapons that have their own unique power attack and statistics. You can level up the weapons that you use. And if you want to upgrade other weapons, you have to change the weapon type and play the game. This game also supports a controller. Thus, if you are looking to play a rogue-lite game, this game may be an option for you and your friends.

Now available over the iOS stores

As said earlier, Bit Dungeon III is now available for iOS devices. The game was already released on Android devices earlier this year. It is a premium title priced at 1.99$. Download Now:

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