BE-A Walker is globally available for Android and iOS

A new action game “BE-A Walker” is globally available for Android and iOS devices. This game has a great concept and a good story line that can engage its players. Let us have a look at the new title.

Story and Gameplay

BE-A Walker has a great concept in its core. Earth has no longer the potential to provide the resources which is required for the human survival. Thus, the humans venture out into the space too find some new place to settle. We indeed find some place, which is already inhabited by some armed natives. They will not give up their planet without a fight.

The game description says:

You are the elite pilot of a battle mech designated BE-A (Biped Enhanced Assault) walker. Your mission is to defeat hostile natives and protect the colonial population. But annihilation of the native race is not the only way to save humanity.

This tells us that the player will play as a pilot of some battle mech, and fight the natives of that planet. There are buttons to shoot, crush, and blow them up. There is also a twist, where you can decide to support the natives of that place or side with your overlords. Also, controlling the giant mech will not be an easy task.

This game is an action game that promises a good story as well. BE-A Walker is now globally available on Android and iOS devices. It is priced at $4.99. Download today:

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