Area F2 Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Area F2 is a mobile-based 5v5 FPS game published by Qookka games. It is the first Closed Quarter Battle(CQB), mobile fps shooter. There are two teams called the Attackers and the Defenders. Both sides play with a wide selection of agents each with their own special ability. Today we are providing you with a detailed Area F2 Guide.

Area F2 Guide for beginners

1. Play the Tutorial

For any game, playing the complete tutorial is the key to understand the mechanics of a game. Thus, this is not really a trick but a suggestion for all the players. Complete the tutorial in order to understand the functioning as well as the mechanics of the game. The tutorial is built in such a way that it will teach the players all the fundamental aspects of the game like entering into a building, barricade themselves, or other simple aspects. Additionally completing the tutorial wins the players a bit of gold.

2. The cameras

The cameras can be accessed by any player on the defending team. The monitor gives access to all the cameras around the map. Some of the cameras are also placed outside the building which can help you detect where and how the enemy will reach the building. Additionally, if a player spots an enemy and scans the camera, it will put a red mark on the spot of the enemy letting the teammates know the enemy’s positions. Thus, cameras can prove to be highly beneficial for the defenders.

On the other hand, for the attackers, it’s always safe and beneficial to destroy all the cameras around the map. Additionally, attackers also have a camera on their disposal known as the UAV. The UAV can be used to find the location of the attack site and marking the enemies when spotted. The UAV can also be used to check if there is an enemy in any particular area or the enemy base. Thus, it is highly important to use these mechanics on both sides.

Additional Tip: Hide the UAV at positions such that it gives you the most field of view and information and is not destroyed by the defenders.

3. Utilize the cameras even when you are dead

In Area F2, even when a player dies, he can access the cameras or the UAV based on the side and can help teammates with call-outs and marking the enemy position. Thus, even when a player dies, he should continuously monitor the cameras and help the team. So just because a player is dead in a round does not mean that he is out of the fight.

4. Barbed Wire

The next tip is to use the barbed wire correctly. Most of the players in the game still do not use the barbed wire at the spots where they should be used. Barbed Wires have two uses. One it helps to slow down the enemies and the UAVs. It can also possibly destroy the UAVs.

Secondly, the barbed wire makes noise when an enemy player walks through them. The best point to place the barbed wires are the choke points like the stairs or other unprotected rooms to act as a sounder and fooling the enemy about the target area. When a player places a barbed wire in the protected room near the door, then the UAV’s detect the target site even before entering the room.

5. Barricading rooms

It is not a good idea for the defenders team to barricade themselves in a single room. There have been many matches where the entire team is barricaded into a single room. This gives the attackers a benefit of using explosives and abilities in order to kill the defenders easily. Thus, all the players should not barricade themselves into a single room.

Players can try barricading into two rooms which have space in between such that the players can move around easily. This allows the defenders to cover more area and makes it difficult for the enemies to spot the teammates.

6. Select sights

When a player selects an agent and a load-out, the game provides an option to select a sight to be used with that gun in that particular round. Certain sights can be useful in certain situations and locations. This also allows you to experiment about which sight fits your play-style. A player can even choose to have no sight at all.

7. Reinforcement plates

Every defender has access to two metal barricades deployment. These can be used to strengthen weaker walls through which enemies can fire. This metal barricade is also required the use the ability of the defender “Lightening” to deploy the shocking ability. These plates can also be used to reinforce floors.

On the other hand, Volcano is the only agent on the attackers side who has the “Thermite” ability to destroy the reinforced plates. Also “Hammer” can destroy one layer of the plate upon hitting the reinforced walls twice.

8. Repositioning

This tip is really useful in extreme situations. A player should always think about what the enemy knows. In Area F2 challenging the enemy from the same position is not a smart choice. Players should reposition themselves once they are spotted and surprise the enemy from other positions. A player should always think ahead of where they are and whee their enemies think they are.

9. Sound

Sound plays a very important role in Area F2. It is always in the benefit of a player to sound as this helps to protect themselves from enemies who come from behind and shoot. This also helps a player to know the target sites easily by sounding. Also, barbed wires can be used to sound the position of the enemies.

The sound can also be used to find target sites. If a player hears no sound near a site then he should not waste his time near that site and move to the other site or position the UAV in such a way that it provides most information.

10. Abilities of Agents

Every agent in the game has their own different ability. It is important for a player to experiment with different types of agents and know which agent is beneficial at which point. All the agents can be used very differently against the enemies. Also, some agents may fit players’ play-style. Thus it becomes important for a player to know about the ability of the agents.

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