Area F2 Agent Guide: Cobra

Welcome to our first Area F2 Agent guide. Area F2 is an online multiplayer shooter game that was released globally on April 30, 2020. Ever since its release, the game has been gaming popularity because of the realistic environment and the strategical gameplay. Without further ado, let’s get straight to Area F2 Cobra agent guide.

About Cobra

Cobra is one of the agents available to the defenders’ side in Area F2. He is undoubtedly one of the top defenders in the game. Cobra is one of the most versatile anchor agents in the game. However, he can also be the strongest late-game lurker.

Cobra is a defender and can be bought from the in-game store at 25000 game coins or 599 coupons. These coins are earned by playing the game and reaching various levels. Another option is to buy the agent using coupons which can be bought by money. However, collecting the game coins will help you to gain experience in the game as well. Thus, this is the most recommended way to get agents.

Cobra’s Loadout

Cobra’s primary gun is Vector which is a great gun to use. This gun is very powerful because of its extremely fast fire rate. However, the magazine of the vector in Area F2 is very small. Thus, you have to reload it almost after every single kill in the game. His second primary weapon is the impact shotgun which is MR1014 and is a powerful shot-range gun that can be used in the game. Choosing one gun out of the vector and the shotgun really depends on your playstyle. However, it is recommended to use the vector because of its fast fire rate.

Secondary Loadout

Cobra’s secondary loadout is almost the same as every other defender available in the game. The only differentiating factor is his Gadget-A which makes him stand out among all the defenders. His Gadget-A is a poison trap that is unique and makes him extremely dangerous to the attackers even after dying. Selecting the impact grenade or the folding shield depends upon if you are playing Cobra as an anchor or a late-game roamer.

If you play as an anchor, the folding shield will help you the most. On the other hand, impact grenade can be extremely useful while playing as a late-game roamer to surprise your enemies.

Poison Trap

The poison trap is the exclusive gadget available to Cobra. It is very important to learn to place these traps as this can help you in baiting easy kills. These traps should be placed initially in the preparation phase. The best area to place this trap is somewhere where the enemies need to vault over. This is because these spots are places where the attackers will most likely not pre-check the gadgets placed by the defenders. Thus it is most effective to place these traps near windows on the floor, deployable shields, or any other place where the enemy will need to vault over.

This will almost guarantee you easy kill if the attacker is low in HP. The enemy will most likely fall into your trap because it not being very obvious. The worst area to place these traps is the most common areas like the doors or on the window itself. This is because every attacker checks these areas. The traps may get destroyed at the window because of the wooden plate itself being destroyed. However, you can place these traps near the doors far away from the target-site because these doors will least-likely be checked by the attackers moving towards the target site.

Additional Tip: These traps can be used to detect the location of the enemy. It can be used to gain map control and understand where the attackers are coming from.

Counter to Poison Traps

The EMP grenades are the best counter for these poison traps. The EMP grenades destroys almost every defenders gadgets. The only attacker with the EMP grenades is Magnet. Other ways to counter these traps is to pre-drone the area and be extremely careful while pushing a site.

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