Area F2 Advanced guide: Tips and Tricks you may not know

Area F2 is a Closed Quarter Battle FPS Mobile game which was launched globally on April 30. The game has been gaining popularity ever since the beta testing days of this game. There are many players who have already become good at the game. However, there are somethings that you may like to know. Let’s look at this Area F2 Advanced Guide.

Area F2 Advanced Guide

1. Crosshair Placement

Crosshair placement is something that is very important in any shooter game. While playing Area F2, crosshair placement accounts for around 80% of your gun fights. Thus, it becomes important to place your crosshair at places where the enemy might show up.

In this game, I have noticed many players placing the crosshair on the ground of too high up than they should be. This causes them to lose their gunfights. Thus, try to keep the crosshair at the head position of the possible/probable enemy spots. In order to practice crosshair placement, you can join the training room which also provides moving bots. This can help you to know about the spots of the enemies and even learn the appropriate crosshair placement.

2. Scopes

This is something, which is ignored by most of the players in the game. However, scopes can be a point that can drastically affect your game. When you select your loadout just before a match, the game provides you an option to select the scopes.

You should try all the scopes to know which one fits your gameplay. One advanced tip for the scope is that some scopes like the red dot and the holographic allow you a good view outside the scope too when scoped in. This gives you a good view of what is going on around you.

3. Angles

There are so many angles that an enemy can hold in Area F2. You should make sure to check every angle while you are trying to hit a room or a floor. One important tip is to not dying to the same angles.

There have been instances in the game, where I have seen the teammates knowing about an enemy holding a position that is not easy to hit. In such cases, no one should peak the enemy from that angle unless you use the utilities. If anyway, you have to peek the enemy, crosshair placement is very important to win this gunfight.

4. Pre-Droning

This is something some of you might know and some of you should know. The drones that are provided can be of great utility. In a situation like above, where you know there is an enemy waiting for you, you can pre-drone that area. This means, using your drone to distract the enemy. The enemy will either try to shoot the drone or at least hyper, and you can pre-fire to kill the enemy.

One advanced tip of the drones is that you can pick up your drone back when you have finished using it. The drones can be deployed and re-picked again for later use.

5. Shotguns

Shotguns in Area F2 are more underrated than any other thing in the game. Shotguns can actually be very useful to stun the enemies with one-shot. Especially, when you are on the defender side, shotguns can prove to be the game-changer.

There are many spots that an enemy won’t expect for you to be in. You can just hide in those spots with a loaded shotgun and one-shot the enemies from close-range. This obviously requires patience and good crosshair placement for being able to kill the enemy.

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