Apex Legends Mobile soft launch, release date, and more

Apex Legends is a battle royal game which is currently available on PC, Xbox One and Play Station 4. A mobile version of the game had been announced by Electronics Arts last year. Today lets read more on Apex Legends Mobile soft launch and release date.

About Apex Legends Mobile soft launch

Earlier today, the soft launch for the mobile version of Apex Legends was rumored. However, the Apex Legends mobile website has confirmed that “Apex Legends Mobile to be soft-launched very soon”.

EA has published the Q4 Financial Year 20 highlights on its website. Even though there is no direct announcement for Apex Legends Mobile, yet there is enough information regarding the same. However, it is announced in this report that the company will release two new mobile titles for the players worldwide in this Financial year ending 31st March 2021.

Blake J. Jorgenson, CFO of EA, answered that EA has partnered with some company in Asia who is working hard on the mobile version of Apex Legends. He even added, that they are trying to release the mobile version of the game as soon as possible.

Soft-Launch and release date

The CFO of EA has also stated that the company will keep the upcoming mobile title in soft-launch for a longer period than they have done in history. Thus, we are expecting the soft-launch towards the end of 2020 and the global release sometimes before 31st march 2021.

If any further information is available, we will update you as soon as possible

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